Bringing the power of AI
to everyone.

No machine learning skills required, no team to hire, and no infrastructure to build or maintain.

Our Mission

Graft is a cloud-native platform that empowers organizations to wield the most advanced AI techniques to unlock the value of text, images, video, audio, and graphs. No machine learning skills required, no team to hire, and no infrastructure to build or maintain. Graft is backed by top investors including GV and NEA.

Our Values

We’re making the AI of the 1% accessible to the 99%. That’s an ambitious goal, but almost as ambitious is how we plan to get there. We are building a diverse team with a variety of skills and backgrounds. We’re focusing on customer success, not vanity metrics. We’re rewarding behaviors that reflect our values, like collaboration and communication, and encouraging a bias for action and a sense of ownership. We do all this because Graft is building the future of AI, and this is how the future should look.

Our Team

Adam Oliner, PhD
Founder / CEO
Adam has spent years leading production ML teams at Slack and Splunk, co-founded a successful data analytics company, and studied at MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley.
Adam lives in San Francisco with his wife and two little boys. He enjoys hiking, reading fiction, math and word play, fine dining, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.
Maria Kazandjieva, PhD
Maria was Director of Engineering at Netflix, where her team earned two Emmy awards for technical achievement. She holds CS degrees from Stanford University and Mount Holyoke College.
Maria lives in the Bay Area. You can find her kickboxing & trail running, baking & eating carbs, or relaxing with a non-fiction book and her two feline supurrvisors.
Eric Schkufza, PhD
Eric was a Principal Scientist at Amazon, working on global-scale machine learning systems, and a Senior Researcher with the VMware Research Group. He earned a Computer Science PhD from Stanford University.
Eric lives in Oakland CA. He enjoys long motorcycle trips, and rock climbing, especially in the joshua tree desert.
Mick Hakobyan
Mick is a seasoned software engineer with a wide range of experience across a variety of software stacks. He has over two decades of experience with distinguished tenures at Netflix and Microsoft.
Mick lives in the Bay Area with his wife and daughter. He enjoys biking, hiking, gaming, reading sci-fi & fantasy, building random devices and traveling with family.
Irina Calciu, PhD
Irina is a distributed systems researcher. She worked with the VMware Research Group on new techniques for parallelism and cloud resource efficiency, and published papers in top academic conferences. She holds a CS PhD from Brown.
Irina is a globe-trotter from Romania, currently based in the SF Bay Area. She loves traveling, reading, hiking and training her cat.
Brian Calvert, PhD
Brian was a Data Scientist and the technical lead for the ML Platform team at Cruise. He focused on PB-scale data pipelines, large-scale model training, and robust AV safety validation. He holds a Particle Physics PhD from the University of Maryland.
The son of two bohemian artists, Brian has lived across the continental US, currently residing in San Francisco, CA. He appreciates good art, good food, and good fitness and moonlights as a breakdancer and professional poetry writer.
Dan Woolridge
Machine Learning Scientist
Dan is a machine learning scientist specializing in natural language understanding, recommendations, and representation learning.
Dan is a Brit living in Los Angeles. When he's not playing guitar or writing music, you can find him at the beach, drinking coffee with his wife, or cuddling with their pup, Leo.
Deven Navani
Software Engineer
Deven is a full-stack engineer with previous internships at Observe, Meta, Microsoft, and Splunk. He earned degrees in EECS and Business Administration from UC Berkeley's M.E.T. program.
Deven hails from SJ and lives in SF. Outside of work, you can find him weightlifting at the gym, cooking nutritious vegan meals, and singing quite poorly.
Veruska Oropeza
Product Designer
Veruska is a Product Designer with an eclectic background in Tech. She’s worked as a Software Developer and Program Manager and brings this experience into her design process to deliver elegant solutions.
Veruska is originally from Venezuela but she, her husband and 3-year-old have now put down roots in San Francisco. She's obsessed with pastries, loves building blanket forts with her toddler and hiking around the Bay Area.
Noel Felix
Software Engineer
Noel is a full-stack engineer that specializes in building modern Web apps. With nearly a decade of experience, from startups to Fortune 100, Noel seeks to compose enterprise techniques to meet emerging challenges.
A rare homegrown Oregonian, he does not fill his days with “Trek in The Park” or “Adult Hide and Seek”; rather, enjoying cooking, lifting weights, indulging a low-tier Sneakerhead habit, and being the best cat dad he can be.
Richard He
Data Engineer
Richard is a software engineer with previous experience at Cruise, Pinterest, and Amazon. He earned bachelor's and master's degrees in CS from Rice University.
Originally from Beijing, Richard has lived and traveled around the world. Off work, you can find him snowboarding, playing tennis, or running along the Embarcadero with his pup.
Mitchell Harris
Head of Customer Success
Mitchell has led customer focused teams at Outlier AI and SparkPost. With a passion for building teams from the ground up, he enjoys delivering on the promise of new technology for customers and partners.
Mitch lives near the Shenandoah Valley. When allowed to stop being a cat pillow (limited times), he enjoys running, hiking, scuba diving, skiing and sampling the vast numbers of wineries, breweries and restaurants in the area.
Stephanie Guo
Chief of Staff
Stephanie was previously the first employee at Secureframe and Justin Kan's Deputy Chief of Staff.
In her spare time, Stephanie loves trying out new eats, reading fiction + poetry, and rearranging her planted aquarium.
Frances Liu
Product Manager
Frances is a product manager. In her previous life, she led the data science & analytics team at OneSignal. Knowing all the struggles of building production ML, she’s determined to help companies leapfrog into AI with Graft.
Originally from Tianjin, China, a city known for its good food and sense of humor, Frances honors her heritage by exploring new eateries in the Bay Area and making bad jokes. She also spends time riding dressage, playing board games, and squishing her cat.
Eugene Druzhynin
Backend Engineer
Eugene is a software engineer with over a decade of experience. His experience covers real-time computer vision solutions, audio/video processing, OS drivers, and microcontrollers.
Eugene likes nature, traveling, playing board games, and skateboarding. He appreciates good tea and good music.
Steve Han
Senior Machine Learning Scientist
Steve, a Stanford graduate and an Ex-Apple, stands at the “Times Square” of deep learning, software engineering, big data, and DevOps.
Steve lives in Gainesville, FL, with his wife, daughter, and Olaf (Ragdoll). You can find him watching UFC on Saturday night, cooking for the family on Sunday, skiing in winter, and dormant in summer.
Jeremy Leary
Sales Lead
Jeremy is a seasoned storyteller, drawing on his background in sales and strategy at LinkedIn to help bring Graft's story to market. He holds a BA from Brown University.
Although these days Jeremy can be found exploring breweries in his Brooklyn surroundings, he's a California adventure junkie at heart, and is happiest pitching a tent somewhere in the Sierras.

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