Graft™ is a fully remote, venture-backed startup that is building the foundation for modern AI. We are a diverse team with strong backgrounds in academia, industry, and entrepreneurship.

Our Team

Adam Oliner, PhD
Founder / CEO

Adam has spent years leading production ML teams at Slack and Splunk, co-founded a successful data analytics company, and studied at MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley.

Maria Kazandjieva, PhD

Maria was Director of Engineering at Netflix, where her team earned two Emmy awards for technical achievement. She earned a CS PhD from Stanford.

Eric Schkufza, PhD

Eric was a Principal Scientist at Amazon, working on global-scale machine learning systems, and a Sr. Researcher at VMware. He earned a CS PhD from Stanford.

Mick Hakobyan

Mick is a seasoned full-stack engineer with 25+ years of industry experience and distinguished tenures at Facebook, Netflix, and Microsoft.

Irina Calciu, PhD

Irina was a Research Scientist at VMware, focused on distributed systems, concurrent algorithms & data structures. She earned a CS PhD from Brown.

Brian Calvert, PhD

Brian was Technical Lead for the machine learning platform at Cruise Automation. He earned a PhD from UMD College Park in High Energy Particle Physics.

Heph Adams
Cloud Operations Engineer

Heph works to maximize performance and reliability using cloud-native solutions to quickly scale our infrastructure to meet customer demand.

Dan Woolridge
Machine Learning Scientist

Dan is a machine learning scientist specializing in natural language understanding, recommendations, and representation learning.

Deven Navani
Intern Extraordinaire

Deven is a full-stack engineer with previous internships at Observe, Meta, Microsoft, and Splunk. He earned degrees in EECS and Business Administration from UC Berkeley's M.E.T. program.

Our Investors